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I see it as a massive opportunity. This is EXACTLY what we signed up for.

This :)

We knew it was coming, now let it all come to a head and prove just how censorship-resistant we are.

It's the same concept for our text based content.

Why hasn't anyone used Hive as an alternative to Wikileaks?

The time has come to push.

The only way to get rid of HBD would be for our core devs to fold and implement a hardfork that buys everyone out of their HBD by printing Hive and eliminating it entirely.

Wouldn't stakeholders have to approve this?

Even via their witness votes which they would just change to others who wouldn't allow it to happen?

Imagine the possible scenarios:
Extreme pressure is put on Blocktrades to eliminate HBD with a hardfork. He writes the code and then Hive witnesses just... don't allow it. Then the government tries to apply pressure for other nodes to push the code. Imagine those witnesses are viewed as compromised by the network and voted out.

Answered my question already.

Distribution of our governance token is KEY.

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