RE: Community Is Everything In Crypto!

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Since our community is so supportive and collaborative. My question is how do we stand out from the other projects out there?

We are the best crypto social media dApp, built on the only truly decentralised blockchain.

Hive at the base layer is what sets us apart.

and what are 3 reasons a crypto whale would want to invest in our projects?

  1. Being built on Hive - Fast, free transactions, why wouldn't you at least have an account?
  2. Best crypto social media - Point 1 allows us to be the best, try using it in comparison to say a social dApp built on Polygon and you will see.
  3. Gateway to the rest of crypto - Web3 only matters if it is open and connected to the rest of the crypto ecosystem, which LeoFinance (via Cub), is.

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