RE: CubFinance: November Add into the bLEO/BNB farm

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By offering FREE yield to the bLEO:BNB LP, Cub Finance adds real value to the LEO token.

If CUB remains stable (and the MTB revenue looks to have done the trick), then I believe that this LP alone could have the power to stabilise LEO alongside it.

Super bullish and you're pretty much the only person I see on my feed talking about this!

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I was just comparing the different pools and I think the BNB/bLEO pool looks fairly stable right now. CUB itself doesn't really seem to be going up that much in price (although it could in the future) and I think that pool itself does well. Either way, BNB and LEO are things that I want to hold because CubFinance is there on BSC.

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