RE: Hive: What's The Incentive For Buying A Moving Asset?

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Assets like HIVE and Bitcoin are purely speculative, pumping and dumping on nothing more than... well speculation!

If people are after a more stable choice however, it might be worth checking out CUB at these prices and staking them in the Cub Finance Kingdom.

CUB's stability comes from the fact that it acts more like a classic, revenue generating business than a speculative asset.

The platform generates revenue via the MTB and uses it to buy/burn CUB - Stabilising price as a result (remembering that the lower price goes, the more CUB the protocol can buy/burn).

This type of asset won't generate the same upside returns during bull markets as say a purely speculative HIVE or Bitcoin will.

But they are certainly safer during bear markets like the one we find ourselves in right now.

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