RE: 22 Stable Coins Down... HBD Remains.

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The fact that this list has 22 actual stable coins that have either lost peg or completely collapsed seems kinda dystopian.

Lol 22.

It sounds bad when you first read it, but in the world of permissionless money, trial and error is going to play a part.

If you lost money then you don't want to hear this, but these failures have to happen!

Friggin' BEAN. Like really people, come on. You thought a token named after one of the most boring foods on the planet was going to be able to survive?

BEAN is a great example of something that had to happen.

If a stablecoin can be flash loan attacked, it's not going to work.

Now we know ;)

HBD is the only algorithmic semi-stable coin that has stood the test of time.

Contrary to what the mainstream media may tell you, no algorithmic stablecoins aren't dead.

HBD continues to evolve from the days of SBD and keeps proving that the concept can work.


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