RE: Is WAXP the same as WAX crypto?

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I am certainly interested in how you are finding integrating Hive into your icoverage's SEO strategy.

Is it getting you any little wins, getting some of your pages to move up in the rankings?

I'm surprised that more sites similar to yours don't take advantage.

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Hive does have an impact on the domain authority but most click through is coming from search engine, best performing content so far is "What Is Hive Blog".

I'm slowly watching how everything I do on the site affects its overall performance, so far we've had close to 2,000 search impressions but the click through rate is low given the position of these contents.


It took a couple of days an a couple of links, but Google figured out that the version is the one to rank.

Now P3 for is waxp the same as wax crypto:

Incognito search for: is waxp the same as wax crypto

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Interesting, you were right afterall.