RE: Solana - Still A Potential Investment Opportunity?

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You're right that this game we play is all about weighing up the risk:reward.

Trying to target the maximum reward, for the minimal amount of risk.

But for me?

Well, I just don't think playing Solana from the long side - even all the way down here - puts the odds on my side.

The better jackpot play might be if Solana dies (not completely out of the question at this stage) and you can ride it all the way into the ground while holding a short.

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I am not playing either side. My trade design sees minimal exposure at current levels. Simultaneously, I am short, in a calculated relativity exposure level that outweighs potential loss of current exposure, which is in essence "long".

I can therefore ride that short as long as I choose. As mentioned, there are not sufficient indicators at this stage.

If there appears to be no hope, I ride the short down. If things improve. I close or reduce short exposure and go long.

Win/win (I can also add to my short if things get really bad)

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