Thoughts on the Bitcoin mainstream media narrative

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Thoughts on the Bitcoin mainstream media narrative.

The Bitcoin mainstream media narrative is that regular people are incapable of assuming responsibility for their own finances.

I'm a huge fan of the 'view full coverage' button on Google News.

This brings up a list of all the different variations of the same story, each written from different angles.

In a society as politically divided as ours, it would certainly help if more people took this approach when digesting the news.

I try to read different viewpoints of news stories I follow, so as to not get stuck in a single way of thinking and this feature of Google News is excellent.

Man reading the Bitcoin mainstream media narrative from the paper.

The Bitcoin mainstream narrative is always the same

Surely I’m not the only one annoyed that the narrative spun by mainstream media on Bitcoin always assumes we’re stupid?

Today I found myself reading a Guardian story on how China views Bitcoin.

Not my normal go-to news organisation but as I said above, reading multiple viewpoints helps you form an informed opinion.

This quote from the article quickly grabbed my attention:

“In many countries it is completely unregulated – it is the absolute wild west,” says Prof Murawski, who also pointed out that there might not be the usual legal avenues to pursue if people thought they had been defrauded.

“So that’s another reason to control cryptos: to protect the consumer. Uninformed investors could lose a huge amount of money.”

Isn't it ironic that an article bagging the authoritarian approach of the CCP, also has quotes from a Western 'academic' that ultimately agrees with them?

It’s always the same narrative being pushed.

That regular people need the friendly government to help them not lose money.

Personal responsibility should be a positive

I just find it really interesting that having the ability to assume personal responsibility for your finances/data/whatever else, is somehow portrayed as a negative by the mainstream.

It shows how much of a bubble the online crypto community lives within and is something even further exaggerated on Hive.

Within our community, we have a view that the ability to assume responsibility is a positive and something that should be embraced.

Our keys, our crypto and all that.

I'm obviously in this camp and see the autonomous freedoms gained from taking personal responsibility, far outweighing Bitcoin's volatility associated risk.

It just seems like the common-sense view to me.

But this viewpoint of Bitcoin is never mentioned as part of the mainstream media narrative.

Put people in a position to succeed

Right now people are being set up for failure.

Sheltered by governments and regulators who are happy for this to happen as it furthers their agenda of maintaining control.

Instead, people should be encouraged to learn about Bitcoin and the responsibilities that come with cryptocurrency.

I wonder if or when the BItcoin mainstream media narrative will change to reflect this.

Best of probabilities to you.

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

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