What can Hive learn from Terra? More like what can crypto learn from Hive?

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What can Hive learn from Terra? More like what can crypto learn from Hive?

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

I explore why the LUNA narrative is all wrong and where the biggest lessons can be learnt.


Contrary to popular belief, crypto is not dead.

Sure, we're in the midst of a perfect mini storm that is wreaking absolute havoc, but the genie can’t be shoved back into the bottle now.

What we’re seeing now is nothing more than macro risk-off market conditions globally, combining with this LUNA mess driving panic and liquidations.

Standard stuff really.

LUNA's completely unsustainable 100%+ debt ratio failed and then they thought they could stop the death spiral by dumping BTC into a market that was already dumping from the macro.

But you’ve always just gotta remember that in a free market, price will always do what price is going to do.

It will swing.

If a project has sustainable tokenomics or fills a need, then price will stabalise.

If a project doesn’t, then it die.

This is not just crypto, this is simply how markets and business works.

So relax.

Take a deep breath.

And worry about the long term sustainability, tokenomics and decentralisation of the projects you’re invested in.

Not short term price fluctuations.

Hiding the real issue - Network security

But something I have noticed is that the narrative is still way behind where it should be.

So, price is crashing because the Terra model of running at a totally unsustainable 100%+ debt ratio failed when the markets started going backwards.


But if the network that the code is running on top of can be compromised, then it doesn’t matter how the thing works.

It will be compromised and ultimately fail in the end.




So the narrative is now that we’re all waiting for Terra’s fearless leader Do Kwon to climb down from his ivory tower and fix this great decentralised, algorithmic stablecoin.

But why are there no questions being asked about the risks associated with a network set up in a way where a founder’s pre-mine and early VC allocation affects governance in a way that ultimately affords him total control.

Nobody in the greater crypto media is talking about how pre-mines and VC allocations affect network governance.

When in the long run, this is all that matters.

This time it was just a simple failure in the tokenomics of the system.

Under the right market conditions, the thing collapsed.

All that matters is that they could happen, did happen and the economics of LUNA/UST didn't hold up.

That's new tech - Such is life - Learn and do better next time.

But even if and when LUNA get their economics right, the entire Terra network underneath has a single point of failure in those pre-mined coins allocated to Do Kwon and his insider VC buddies.

It doesn’t matter if you trust him now.

The risk will always be there and it will be compromised in the end.

In its current form, the Terra network is not secure and never will be.

I can’t stress enough that without a secure, decentralised, battle-tested network underneath, which Terra doesn’t have, the economics of the LUNA/UST relationship is a completely mute point.

So what can crypto learn from Hive?

I actually found myself down this path after reading a question asked here on LeoFinance.

What can Hive learn from Terra, you ask?

Now, Terra may also use DPoS for governance.

But when you consider Do Kwon's unknown pre-mine and whatever other VCs/insiders were gifted, it is not the same as Hive.

Token distribution is the key to DPoS governance and having that pre-mine makes this system of governance completely obsolete.

I mean look at STEEM.

It is a DPoS blockchain too.

But Justin Sun acquired the majority of coins required to install his own validators and therefore take full control of the chain.

At this point, it may as well be a database running on his own server at home.

It would certainly be cheaper and more efficient.

Once again my point is that if this can happen on Terra, then it is not secure and thus completely useless.

This time it was just the LUNA/UST algo that failed.

But just like what happened to STEEM and what will happen to every other DPoS coin in existence, they will face governance issues down the track relating to the founder/insider’s influence over the network itself.

So as I wrap up, what Hive can learn from Terra isn’t the question that needs to be asked here.

Hive is the working, battle-tested project here.

The question should instead be what can crypto in general learn from Hive?

Best of probabilities to you.

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I think there are a lot of things to consider about LUNA and UST because it's similar to Hive and HBD. Of course, there are some major differences but I am leaning more towards supporting a 5% fee for converting HBD into Hive to make it safer.

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One positive to come out of this entire LUNA/UST debacle is that it's got us talking about why HBD is different.

And what we can do to ensure this never happens here.

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Contrary to popular belief, crypto is not dead.

Oh, I completely forgot about this... I suppose that soon we will see more and more titles like "Bitcoin is dead"... That is usually a sign that we are very close to the bottom price and we should start to accumulate... Thanks for the reminder!

Regarding LUNA and UST, I don't want to point fingers or such, as it could easily happen to HBD or any other stablecoin out there... From my point of view, the growth of the complete LUNA ecosystem was too fast, especially for a "new" stablecoin on the markets...

Also, as you said, we have seen these kinds of stuff many times in the past, projects and tokens need tweaking, and that's the normal way of evolution... That's how things get better... It hurts now, but it can be only better!

I have picked this post on behalf of the @OurPick project and it will be highlighted in the next post!

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I'm also trying to be careful with pointing fingers while the emotion is so raw.

Real people have lost real money and they don't need that garbage.

But at the same time, it's very important for those of us here on Hive to ensure our own algorithmic stablecoin continues to hold up.

And then that we share what we've learned with the wider crypto community.

After all, we are all on the same team here!

Success is NOT a zero sum game.

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6 mo

I got alot to comment on the terra luna situation but i'm going to save that for an upcoming video. I can tell you it's been several incidents of suicide over there and it's probably going to be more.

So i don't know if you're familiar with Richard Heart? he runs one of the biggest projects in cryptocurrency. I feel he's the last person left worth listening to. He created 2 videos i'd invite you to watch. The first in entitled

Richard Heart #short | why you should stop trading #short


Trading destroys your health and relationships, to lose money, or take another's who has it as bad.

So i'm going to give you a brief summary. So Trading is groups or entities people sitting up on there computer all day trying to steal money from one another. They don't bring lasting useful products to market or make the world a better place. They have this very parasitic relationship. I'll get more technical in the upcoming video so you guys don't explode yet i'd encourage you to watch the Richard heart videos before you respond. He's respected by a ton of people and many listen to him so it matters.

Only thing i'm going to say about algorithmic stable coins is that this is not money. They aren't sustainable. If they were money they'd have the intrinsic value to be valuable on their own. They'd have merchant and vendor acceptance at a significantly level. The reality of the situation is most of these so called algo stable coins wouldn't be accepted by anybody so it's all ridiculous unsustainable nonsense.

The only way you get people to join in is by promising them unsustainable returns. so i'm going to leave that there for now.

Bitcoin MYK is created from the school of thought of people like richard heart who understands certain aspects that work like store of value and growth

You can go create any algo you want and that will not make your economy sustainable until you really solve peoples problems. THe Citizens Dividend does that because it's free and it's going to be widely accepted by people. Under metcalfe's law you can't have people joining a network without value attached to it.. that's just utterly ignorant to believe other wise. THe fact all these cryptos will end up collapsing because capitalism itself is collapsing means that people will seek other ways. In other words it's not working.

Them watching a free market destruction of their money doesn't help those people and where did all the money go? To the exact place richard heart said it would go and it doesn't help anybody.. it won't grow the space because when people lose money and out there committing suicide do they want to participate in crypto? no.. they don't.. so that's not going to work for them.. and right now them is alot of people over on terra luna..

You don't have to worry about bitcoin myk.. it certainly doesn't have the reputation of terra luna or what will soon be hive and i think bitcoin myk will be ripe for the taking and open arm accepted by the people in due time.. i'm not worried but you all should be, you're offing yourselves and it's not healthy as richard says and i suspect hive is next

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Don't ever change, my friend.

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LUNA is causing problem now,in a way that people are having fear that it will crash and they are pulling their crypto from them and some people that have hive token in Leo finance are trying to convert their hive coin to Cash.

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In my opinion, dumping your HIVE now for cash is not the play.

But what would I know, I'm just a humble blogger.

Dump it.

Dump it all!


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That's true boss

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Some people will panic and sell there tokens.

More of us are waiting to buy them when the price is right.

We've seen it all before over the years.

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Always the same cycle :)

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Cryptocurrencies is game and sometimes is not always about playing your cards right. I love hive and there is much difference between luna and hive. Hive will have it owns problem but not losing 99%

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Only 90% like other crypto? ;)

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I'm really impressed with the way you put your analysis. It is true the crypto market only experiencing a macro risk-off market conditions with a global effect. The crypto market will be restored and the Terra is not that secure to uphold the economy but in due everything is gonna be right. It's just a matter of time. Crypto market are not sleeping

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Thanks for stopping by :)

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I agree with you that crypto is still alive and it's nice to meet that one person that still belief in crypto again. Market prices always rotates we just have to accept it.

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Haha the one person?

Surely I'm not all alone in having this opinion? ;)

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