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By the time I arrived to the abandoned hotel I knew that I was too late to catch a sunset and on top of that, the colours of the sky weren't promising either. Not the best way to start a shooting but I didn't care much. I was out for the walk, the dog was eager to release the tension of the day and the camera was with me just in case...




The last colours of the sunset that I missed, the centuries-old castle, silent and firm as always, the first lights of the town in the background, as well as the tiny moon, they all added a touch to the peacefulness of the evening walk. This part of the town is usually calm this time of the day and now that most of the tourists are gone, it is even more quiet!




At the top of the hill I took a look down to the old town centre. The sound of music was coming to my ears, probably a not very talented busker, performing at the street. Even so it added to the feeling of summer laziness.

The yachts and the sailing boats were lit up as their tenants were getting ready for their dinner and the small fortress in the middle of the sea was glowing like a beacon!




If I wanted to do a serious shooting, I should have with me a tripod and my full frame dslr. Instead I used my "recreational" camera, as I like to call it, a canon EOS850D. A light crop sensor camera that has many qualities in a small package! Unfortunately performing well in low light conditions is not among its qualities and the pictures of that lovely scenery turned out too grainy and noisy.




When I went home I thought about deleting them but then I figured that I should give them a chance. So I edited them using the "denoise" feature of Adobe Lightroom and here is the result. Of course they are not nearly as good as they would have been with the use of a tripod and long exposure but I think they are presentable!

What do you think, should I have deleted them or I was right to devote more time in the editing process in order to "save" them?

Below you can see a before/after comparison so that you'll have a better understanding of what I am talking about.

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 7.38.38 AM.png

*All the pictures and the words are mine.

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