[ EN | ES ] An Analysis of: The Ethereum Push Notification Service | Una análisis sobre: El Servicio de notificaciones push de Ethereum

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[ EN | ES ] Shapeshift integrates the functionality of cosmos for users in their native wallet | ShapeShift integra la funcionalidad de Cosmos para los usuarios en su billetera nativa

ShapeShift is pleased to announce that we now offer full support in your wallet for all Cosmos features! ShapeShift has been actively…

[EN | ES ] A review of: 9 movies for you to learn more about cryptocurrencies | Una reseña de: 9 películas para que aprendas más sobre las criptomonedas

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[EN | ES ] Introducing vFOX: Strategic Allocations for Early-Stage Crypto Projects | Presentamos vFOX: asignaciones estratégicas para proyectos criptográficos en etapa inicial

What happens when anyone, anywhere on the planet, can build innovative new platforms on an open and transparent f

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[EN | ES ] ShapeShift’s KeepKey Support Grows | Crece el soporte para KeepKey de ShapeShift

In 2017, ShapeShift announced its acquisition of the trusted cold wallet KeepKey . By pairing the KeepKey hardware wallet with…

An analysis on : FOXy | Un analisis sobre : FOXy

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[ENG | ESP ] The more freedom we allow, the more our platform will grow | Cuanta más libertad permitamos, más crecerá nuestra plataforma

You know that saying: "If you love something, set it free." . .”? Yeah I know, it's a bit embarrassing and clichéd,

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