Belgian cup betting advice!

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The new World Champions has been crowned only 2 days ago and it is already back to business for the clubs. Strange, strange, strange. But to be honest, I am not complain
Finally again more games to chose from. Games, which I hopefully can better predict.

In Belgium they do start with cup games. 5 today and 3 tomorrow.

I decided to place 2 bets. I did want to move them all to one ticket, but don't want to start with a too big risk.

The bets

I decided to create one ticket with home dogs. I know that it is the cup and anything can happen in a cup game. But the teams did had a lot of time to prepare this game, so I don't expect any upsets.

Schermafbeelding 2022-12-20 om 13.19.11.png

In the other ticket, 2 over games are expected. Always lot's of drama between Leuven and Kortrijk. In the other game, Union could be considered a home dog also, but the odds for a home win were just too low to bet on. But always plenty of goals when Union plays at home and Oostende is exactly know for their sturdy defense!

Schermafbeelding 2022-12-20 om 13.20.12.png

As usual, when I do play 2 tickets, one winner is enough for a profit.

All bets are placed using this bookie!


Good luck,

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Bah, it doesn't look like I can bet on any of these games. I couldn't even find the teams when doing a search in my app. That sucks. Best of luck to you! I'm gonna be bummed if you win and I missed out!

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Can imagine that not all bookies offer the Belgian Cup games.
Betfury has them tough. Let me know if you do need a link.

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I think I am good. I might have to just check my other platform. Maybe I can build that one back up.

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