Last betting weekend of the month. Odds for today: 6.248

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The last weekend of the time. Normally I am in the green now and just have to make sure not to do anything crazy and keep the profit for the month. But after the disastrousous start of the month, it is different this time. I am in the red and probably to deep to recover in one weekend. So, in stead of trying to increase or at least consolidate the profit, now I have to make sure that I don't dig a deeper hole.
But there are some signs of maturity. Normally I would have placed bets during the week, more or less chasing the losses. But I didn't place any bet since Monday. It does sound strange but such small adjustments could make a real difference at the end of the year. This could be the difference between ending the year in green or red with a chance of even going bankrupt with the sports betting bankroll.

What also does help is the fact that 2023 is still fresh and there are lots of months left to recover from the ugly start of the year.
Currently I am around 7 units in the red. So at least 2 winning bets are needed this weekend to get closer to the breakeven point.

Bet of the day

Only one bet. No home dogs, stealers or overs, but a mixed betting ticket.
If I could win this one with odds of 6.248 we will get closer.
Let's start with the bet on Standard - Eupen. Standard is outperforming compared with the expectations in the beginning of the season. With a great home crowd behind them, I don't see any problems for them keeping the 3 points at home.
The Bologna bet is more a gamble but has potential. Spezia only won 2 of their away games and lost all other 7. This was for me the most important stat to add a victory for Bolonga to the ticket. Add to that the fact that Spezia wasn't capable of winning any of their last 5 Serie A games. Bologna on the other hand does win 50% of their home games.

Was doubting for the third game on the ticket between an over in the Lorient vs Rennes game or a home win for RB Leipzig. The odds for a home win of Leipzig were just to low. And while not really chasing the losses, I could use some better odds. Also looking back at my previous post it appears that the odds range between 6 and 7 does have a better ROI for me, than the odds range between 5 and 6.


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It is always a good idea to do your own research and to carefully consider the risks and potential returns before placing any bets. I am not a professional punter, for me it is just a hobby. I do place most of my bets in advance and do keep records of all my bets, but it is not encouraged to follow my bets blindly!

Good luck,

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I didn't place any bets so far this week either. I will probably change that come tonight as I set things up for the weekend. Best of luck to you!

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