My Betfury Rags to Riches Challenge

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As you all know by now, I do like challenges, the crazier the better. Take for instance my 1 BTC Challenge. But it doesn't stop there. And while a challenge is great, it is also fun to write and discus them with others.

So today I will present to you my Betfury Rags to Riches Challenge. Due to the fact that this will run for one year, I decided to create a community about it. Not only here on but also on The idea is to use noise as Twitter on steriods where I can post daily updates, while the posts here on read will cover one or two weeks.

You can find the noise community here:

Feel free to join if you also have a rags to riches challenge.

First let me introduce to you my 2 Betfury Challenges:

  • From 50K BFG towards 1M BFG in one year
  • From 1500 TRX towards 1M TRX in one year

Like always my challenges do start with, besides the idea, with a spreadsheet. In my case I am using numbers. Hey, I am a number cruncher.

The challenge!

Well earning something with playing dice isn't to hard to do, but keeping them is. The problem I always had was that my stakes were always the same, the profit was withdrawn and my stakes were plainly too bug for my bankroll. Combined this with a lack of discipline and voila disaster is on it's way and faster than you do think.

Another problem is that we always seem to be in a hurry. We do start slow but when things go great, we tend to start running too hard with as a result crushing down.

So in stead of running faster than I can, I will take a mathematical approach.

Let's start!

The mathematical approach

Suppose that there are 365 days in one year. This is a fact for most years. Add to this a starting bankroll of 1000. So you do set a goal to turn this 1000 into a magical million.

So you do start with the math. 999000 profit is needed. So you do divide 999000 by the number of days you do give yourself to complete the challenge.

999000 / 365 = 2737 (rounded)

That's tough isn't it? For sure in the beginning were you almost need to triple your bankroll in 1 day. Just a solid base for disaster.

But there is a less bumpy road to the same million, which has the same risk day after day, a road which allows you to increase you stake on a daily or weekly basis.
Suppose that each day, you would increase your bankroll with 2%. This means that the first day you only need to win 20. Sound more feasible isn't?

And believe it or not, if you do this for 365 consecutive days you will even have more than 1.3M.

So how do you get the daily increase you do need? Well this is simple. You do need 3 variables:

  • Your goal
  • Your starting bankroll
  • The time frame

Let's take my 1M TRX challenge as example. $

  • The goal: 1M TRX
  • The starting bankroll: 1500 TRX
  • The time frame: 347 days

So first I do divide my goal by my bankroll: 1000000 / 1500 = 666.666

No if I do take the time frame root of this, I do get the daily percentage increase I do need to have: 347 √ 666.666 = 1.0189
So my Bankroll should increase each day by 0.0189 %.

So the first day I should earn 1500 * 0.0189 = 28.35.
Day 2 I do have a bankroll of 1528.35, so I should earn 1528.35 * 0.0189 = 28.88 and so on. After 347 days I will have 994817 TRX.

So that's the idea.

I have been writing long enough now. So here are the first 2 graphs of my challenge. In the next post, I will give some more insight.

The green line is the one I do need to follow, the blue line is the actual holding of BFG I have.

For some reason I did switch the colors in the TRX one.