Why Investing Should Be Your Top Priority Like Never Before

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I have been thinking a lot lately about how I want my next five years to be in terms of finances, I saw so many lives of salary earners and how the system is built just to entice them to their jobs and not to make them wealthy. I realize I don't want that kind of life for myself. So as an entrepreneur I have decides to prioritize going deeply into investing for the reasons below and I think if you have not been thinking in this same direction you should too.

Just in case you haven't heard or felt it, It is no longer news that the world economy is bleeding heavily, and the inflation rate is no longer smiling, how do one cope with the situation should be anyone who desires financial freedom concern.

So, how can we cope with the current and continuous upward inflation trend? investing strategically I will say. There is no better time to be thinking of investing wisely if one does want to catch up with inflation.

Be wise, invest part of your income no matter what you're earning and your future will thank you for it. There is money to be made even in a bear market. They said, "the difference between the wealthy and the poor, is that the wealthy think of investing part of their income while the poor are always busy thinking of how to spend all their income".

Don't just start investing but starting early is the best.
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Financial stability

Yeah, everyone will tell you they want to achieve financial stability but can this happen if all you do is spend every cobo of your income? Pure no. In other to attain this, one needs to invest wisely.

Retirement benefits

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Have you ever wondered why most people have nothing tangible to fall back on after their retirement? I know some old people who have to start depending largely on their kids which most times puts pressure on them simply because they failed to make smart investment moves when it was raining green. So, if you don't ever want to end up like those people thinking of investing wisely is a must.

financial freedom

Everyone I knew desires financial freedom but our salary is designed to be enticing enough to keep us in the system and not to make us achieve true financial freedom. A sure road to attain this is by having a stream of financial investment.

Wealth creation

My big dream in the next eight to ten years Is to have a stream of income through which my wealth grows and increase by the day and if that will ever come through I need to tire my investment game real tight right now by starting and growing gradually.

Impacting people's life positively"

Having the idea or mindset to help and assist people around you is one thing having the means to do so is another different ball game. I want to be able to have a positive impact on others' life more than I can currently afford to and having a different stream of income can create a sure way of doing that.

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You are right. We don't want to be caught up at the edge of the road in future. So, we need to make investment a top priority now because no one knows tomorrow and what it unfolds. Preparing now will save us later.


100% percent agrees with you, the early the better.

By the way how are your Spanish lessons on Duolingo? Thank you for blogging about it the other time. I found the app super helpful.

I think is time I share my experience here.


Yea, I am enjoying Spanish and it's really great improving too.
I'm glad I talked about it then which you found helpful. Maybe you can tag me to it when you post 😎


I will surely do, thank you very much 🥂🥰🙏


Yay! 🤗
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Awwe🥰🙏 thank you very much @princessbusayo for your support and ecency boost.


It's a good thing to have plans about your finances so you don't get caught up by bills when they come.


You are right about that bill part.


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I love the idea of reirement benefits, it showed you are quite futiristic in your plans. Investments are what bring return continuously, the better and direct opposite of expenses. It trully brings financial freedom.

Good piece here, @funshee


Yeah, the early we start planning for the future the better as time they say waits for no one.


I can see things rockin strong for a long time, so we will just keep postin.



Yeah, that sounds great. Happy weekend to you @captainquack22