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Nowadays, more and more people are getting aware of cryptocurrency and how will they be able to utilize it as a form of asset or most probably a form of stock. There are crypto projects that are tokenizing their company much like a standard company to raise funds. This kind of set up is a common start-up strategy for crypto-projects.


The difference is the proposition that they offer which is decentralization. Every crypto project out there is built on the idea of decentralizing an aspect of our life. The social blockchains aim to decentralize social media making every user in control of their data and monetize them in any way possible. Effectively disrupting the mainstream social media platforms of today. There are also projects that aim for disrupting cloud computing which is an industry that is dominated by a few large corporations.


The point is that we are at the time of having the freedom to choose where we put our resources and get away from the old system where a handful are in control of the flow of wealth in an economy.

What this brings is an opportunity for people who have limited resources to participate in a project that could potentially bring substantial changes to the world economy.


Here's the interesting part of the process which I'm personally experiencing right now. Getting involved in a crypto project brings me the opportunity to be linked to the other projects instantaneously. The development of blockchain brings forth solutions like multi-chain & or inter blockchain which is a really interesting aspect of the development. More and more projects are collaborating and utilizing each of the functionality of the project and bridging them to create a much secure & well-built use-case.

There is the kind of development that makes this movement a worthwhile investment of time & resources. It's something that's not present a couple of years ago and it's the one that's fueling new age programmability in the world of blockchains.

This only makes things even more exciting than before. This year is going to be the turning point that I feel will make a huge difference in this space.


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