Crypto Meltdown Week! Nope, Still Around! * Hive Goals (Week 45, 2022)

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This is a short sum-up table with the state of my goals in easier TLDR form. The table has only some information, so if you want details, they can be found in the post.

Current State/Other Selection CriterionGoals Matching the Criterion
Completed2 (Staked SPS, Replies Received)
Ongoing4 (HIVE Power, Maxing CL Set, Staked LEO, Comments Made)
Stopped1 (HBD)
Initial Goals2 (HIVE Power & HBD)
Stretch Goals1 (Maxing CL Set)
Increased1 (Comments Made)

Last week I was cautiously optimistic that the bear market might be close to an end.

We may be close to the end of the bear market, but I’d rather still have a little more patience.

Good thing I was cautious and said something about patience. :)

I still believe we are in the second part of a brutal and long crypto winter, but instead of a few months of waiting for the bull run, we might have to wait up to a year given the FTX fiasco and its ramifications. Hopefully, this is the last behemoth dying during this crypto winter pulling everything down with it.

But I wouldn't bet on it. Seeing how much over-leverage is out there and how little concern is for protecting the wealth created, I'm fairly pessimistic that there's much learning from other people/entities' mistakes.

Where my *calculated "bet" continues to be is on Hive. Partly because I understand it and its strengths (and weaknesses) compared to many other hot things out there in the crypto space, and partly because there are some cool-headed people over here that always put security first and assess risks for the base layer and tokenomics before plunging head-first into every crypto trend.

It may be painful for many to look at the chart of bitcoin (or HIVE) for the last two weeks, crashing from what it seemed like the rock bottom:


But remember, "when there's blood on the streets" can be a buying opportunity. Either that or we tried to catch a falling knife. One of them is definitely true, lol.

Whichever of the two is true, it meant good news for my Hive goals.

Let's see what changed since last week.

HIVE Power (HP) Goal

With the price of HIVE dropping in a rhythm even more accelerated than the average crypto market, I couldn't help but buy more of it and power up, even though I'm ahead of schedule with my HP plan for this year.

Last week my HP grew by 901, most of it purchased due to the sudden market crash we experienced.


7 weeks left in the year and 495 HP to reach the goal.

HBD Goal

I stopped this goal during the year in favor of HIVE Power. Initially, the goal was to reach 5000 HBD in savings by the year-end, starting from almost nothing.

LEO Staked

I didn't add any LEO to my stake this week, keeping it liquid for the LPUD that is coming in a few days. That's still 4183 LEO more than when I started tracking this goal, 21 weeks ago.


267 LEO to complete this goal. I'll likely miss my mini-goal to complete my LEO staking goal by LPUD. I'll probably need a few more days. I still see it very likely to be completed by the update from next Sunday.

Splintershards (SPS) Staked Goal - Completed

The SPS staking goal is COMPLETED!

However, the SPS rewards from ranked battles, daily focus and season chests come in a staked form and will keep increasing the stake. Same as the land and TD (nightmare packs) rewards.

Another 1223 staked SPS were added last week this way.


Besides what comes staked from the gameplay, the SPS goes to the diesel pools.

Maxing Chaos Legion Set

) or reaching the limit beyond which I consider upgrading a card not profitable

The overall situation, to better gauge my progress, because I still need to push hard on this goal:

Total CL Cards (incl. reward)Maxed or LimitPercentRemaining
13210478.78%13+12 for limit consideration
Total CL Cards (excl. reward)Maxed or LimitPercentRemaining
997275.75%12+12 for limit consideration

This week I maxed out the last two fiends I had un-maxed (actually, will do that after the EOS, to get some more rent for the 1-BCX ones): Torrent Fiend and Fungus Fiend. And I consider maxed Riftwing.

I also consider maxed the CL reward card Countess Sinash.

In total, 4 cards maxed out or considered maxed out this week, where the needed average to complete the goal on the last week of the year would be less than 2 now. "Considered maxed out" means, for me, that I'm expecting rewards or opening packs to make up for the difference, more or less. If there is any difference left I'll purchase them at the end.

I'm still opening packs as I earn more alchemy and legendary potions.

Legendary SummonersMaxed
Rare SummonersMaxed
CommonMonstersMaxedReached Max Desired Level
29181+? (8 under consideration)
Rare MonstersMaxedReached Max Desired Level
2315? (1 under consideration)
Epic MonstersMaxedReached Max Desired Level
1710? (2 under consideration)
Legendary MonstersMaxedReached Max Desired Level
23182+? (1 more under consideration)
CL Reward CardsMaxedReached Max Desired Level

Social Targets

I started the week with 10912 comments.

Increased target: 10k->12k comments by the year-end.*

The 10K target for replies is COMPLETED and I won't increase it.

I have currently made 11043 comments, which means 131 comments this week. Another week below the average needed...

With the increased comments target, and 7 weeks left in 2022, I need an average of 137 comments per week to reach the goal. I think I wanted to push myself too much with the increase of this goal and will probably miss it because I am constantly below the needed average.

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