CTP Team Launches Veews Beta!

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Hive has a few ways to discover content, but nothing ground-breaking.

There are communities on the base layer and tribes on the second layer. But one has to know they exist to find the content. Plus, the author needs to post in the communities or tribes you are watching. If there are two similar communities, you might as well only follow one of them and not be aware of the other.

Then, there is the personal following feed.

Then, there are notifications or custom feeds, but that already means you know the author you added to your custom feed or notification list. This is not content discovery.

Trending and Hot have never been much help the way they are implemented in most cases, but they exist as options too.

There is, of course, HiveSearcher, developed by the Ecency team and used throughout other interfaces, including PeakD. This is a good tool to search for content on Hive, provided you use it well to narrow the search down.

But there is a large category of users who would like to see content tailored to their individual preferences. And a real content discovery that goes along with this.

If you have issues discovering worthy content on Hive that you enjoy and you don't necessarily know where to find, the content discovery engine that the CTP team proposes through Veews helps.

How Does Veews Work?

First of all, this is the beta version of a minimally viable product. More things will be added after this initial test in production, including tokenomics (no details released yet).

The way Veews works is simple.


You pick some categories (1) and start viewing posts (2).

So far nothing special. Once you start viewing posts, you have these options:


For each post shown, you have the option to thumb it down (1) or thumb it up (3). Or to do nothing. To go to the next post you click Next (2).

What do Thumbs Up & Down mean? Thumb Down tells the engine you don't want to see sites like this anymore. Thumb Up tells that you like it and would like to see something similar in the future.

If you have no opinion one way or another, you just go to the next post without thumbing up or down.

Thumbs Up & Down don't affect the post in any way. They don't mean votes on Hive, and, as far as I understood this (without knowing too many details), it affects what YOU will see or not see in the future, and nobody else.

If you thumb down a post, it doesn't mean that you think it's a bad post, it means you are simply not interested in what it speaks about.


On every post, there is the option to vote and comment at the end of it, and also something that PeakD used to have but doesn't anymore, the HE rewards that the post receives.

There is no option to create a new post via Veews, and that is by design, the team mentioned.

This is the official post created by @jongolson on launching Veews. I suggest giving it a read if you are interested in the new platform.

Does Personalized Content Discovery Work on Veews?

At first, posts are all over the place. But as the engine learns more about your preferences, you start getting more targeted content. I've only seen a couple of dozen posts, and I already see improvement. The owners say this is only going to get better.

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