DEC Baterries Are Officially for Sale!

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Since a couple of minutes ago, at the time of starting to write this post, the DEC Batteries (DEC-B) sale began.

Love them or hate them, having them is a decision for each of us. On second thought, I don't think anyone loves them. :) They are just means to an end.

After changing my mind a couple of times throughout the recent weeks, I decided in the end.

And my decision was to go in heavy (the definition of heavy differs from account to account, I guess). For me, and at this point in time, it meant this:

20230208 200623.png

Yeah, you saw that right, there's a decimal point too. I've pretty much dove all-in on DEC-B: 734,786.6 of them.

Nothing in the liquidity pools right now, I've drained them all. All related to Splinterlands I mean.

It's kind of scary in a way. Having zero liquidity for Splinterlands for the time being and all those tokens soulbond.

But I had to take the 20% off offer. It would take a little less than half a year in the diesel pools to reach a 20% ROI (without considering fees, which would shorten that period a bit). I also didn't account to token price movements relative to each other, which may be difficult to predict. The discount alone (which can be equated in my case to an immediate 20% ROI) convinced me to make the move, considering I will most likely spend the DEC-B and more by the end of Q1 on land stuff, which is my Splinterlands focus this year.

Frankly, I expected them to go out quicker. But that's ok, if they don't I have time to buy more.

Currently, about 10% of the offer (200m of 2b) was sold in about half an hour:


I'm not advising anyone to buy or not. I made the purchase because it made sense to me in my particular situation.

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