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I talked in yesterday's post about the new leasing features added to Hive-Engine, particularly of interest to me the RC delegation leasing one.

In the meantime, I tested the system some more on the RC leasing part, and I'll share some of my discoveries.

First of all, I start from the premise that more account creation tokens are kind of useless to me, as an individual not running an application or service that onboard people to Hive. I already have 100. What exactly am I going to do with more or even with these 100? They are not tradable and from previous core devs discussions on the topic, it's unlikely that work will be done to make them tradable in the foreseeable future.

Maybe some people would see ways to use those 100 account tokens and much more, including by creating new accounts with potentially highly demanded account names to sell afterwards, but I probably won't go that route.

So, I'd much rather lease out my RCs to those needing them.

With that idea in mind, and before there is any real APR discovery phase, I filled many of the existing RC lease requests on the market for a minuscule APR.


Just so you know, the duration listed on these lease requests is the max duration after which the leased RC doesn't provide any APR (unless extended, maybe).

*You can undelegate your RCs at any time, it's not a fixed-term contract. I already did it with one of them, just to test things out.

Another thing that you need to know.

There is no cooldown period after undelegating RCs (unlike in the case of HP, where there is a 5-day cooldown before you have your HP back), but here's what happens: your *max RCs increases immediately after undelegation your *RC mana doesn't increase, it will replenish over time

Max RC is like a water tank. Except one where its capacity can change, which makes it kind of an unusual analogy with the real world.

RC mana is like the water that fills the tank. Consume it and the level lowers. Wait and the level rises again (from rain or whatever source fills that water tank).*

So, for example, if you have your RC mana at 100%, 10t max RCs, lease 2t RCs out you remain with 8t max RCs and RC mana remains 100% (but lower, because it misses the mana associated with the 2t max RCs leased out).

If you immediately undelegate the 2t RC leased out, your max RCs return to 10t on the spot, but your RC mana is still the equivalent of 8t RCs in mana. The returned 2t max RCs worth of mana will recover over time.

Something else you need to know.

As far as I know (but haven't tested it), you need both max RCs and RC mana to be able to delegate RCs. So, for example, you can't deplete all your RCs and then lease 2t out. Because you no longer have enough mana for 2t of your max RCs.

I hope it makes sense!

Personally, I filled many of these lease requests, for now, to get the process going (and to test it out). But the APR is not satisfactory.

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