My Main Goal Achieved: 25k HP * Hive Goals Counting Down T-3 Weeks

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This is a short sum-up table with the state of my goals in easier TLDR form. The table has only some information, so if you want details, they can be found in the post.

Current State/Other Selection CriterionGoals Matching the Criterion
Completed5 (Staked SPS, Replies Received, Comments Made - initial goal -, Staked LEO, HIVE Power)
Missed1 (Comments Made, increased goal)
Ongoing1 (Maxing CL Set)
Stopped1 (HBD)
Initial Goals2 (HIVE Power & HBD)
Stretch Goals1 (Maxing CL Set)
Increased1 (Comments Made)

With 3 weeks to the end, I decided to stop playing around with the HIVE Power goal and complete it already. So I powered up some of the liquid HIVE I had and that pushed me over the 25k limit.

I could have waited. Looking at the pace of organic growth, I think I would have done it in the final week without any power-up at all. But I want to have my undivided attention to the only goal I have left.

I've done some calculations. Actually, SPLEX did it for me. At today's prices, and without counting in any other cards from opening packs, I'd need about 370k DEC to completely max out the Chaos Legion edition (and the associated reward cards), keeping some cards at lower levels after an analysis of their usefulness at max level.

I wasn't expecting the release of another legendary summoner airdrop this year (that's a side-effect of burning unsold CL packs + holiday deals), so to be on the safe side of accomplishing this goal, I decided to power down some SPS, in case I'll need more funds. I don't want to use stablecoins for that. I'll stop the power down after at most two weeks, and that in no way will jeopardize my SPS goal which is now completed.

Let's see what changed since last week.

HIVE Power (HP) Goal - Completed

This week my HP grew by 158 after I decided to power up enough to finally complete this goal.

My main goal of reaching 25k HP this year is COMPLETED.


After this, it may grow a bit organically until the end of the year, but I keep liquid anything I can for next year (including weekly power-downs of this account).

HBD Goal - Stopped

I stopped this goal during the year in favor of HIVE Power. Initially, the goal was to reach 5000 HBD in savings by the year-end, starting from almost nothing.

LEO Staked - Completed

My staked LEO goal is COMPLETED!


I didn't stake any more LEO this week. Still saving them for LPUD.

When I don't save for LPUD I use LEO to (re)build a stash of stables that will help with my Hive Goals next year, besides being a buffer for whatever else I'll need in the crypto land.

Splintershards (SPS) Staked Goal - Completed

The SPS staking goal is COMPLETED!

However, the SPS rewards from ranked battles, daily focus and season chests come in a staked form and will keep increasing the stake. Same as the land and TD (nightmare packs) rewards.

Another 1482 staked SPS were added last week this way.


Besides what comes staked from the gameplay, the SPS goes to the diesel pools.

I decided to start a 12k power down for my staked SPS to help with maxing out the CL set + associated reward cards (including the newly airdropped Possibilus the Wise). If it won't be needed I won't use the SPS, and most likely I'll stop the power down after the first week.

Maxing Chaos Legion Set

) or reaching the limit beyond which I consider upgrading a card not profitable

This week I consider maxed out: Stitch Leech *Blinding Reflector *Chaos Knight *Djinn Apprentice

Last week I said I only have 2 common cards to consider max out. Where do the rest come from? From re-evaluating cards under limit consideration. I just considered the price was too low to mess around with a limited card in those cases.

I also started to buy some of the missing BCX for cards I considered maxed out in the past and for which I still have too many of them missing to be filled by opening packs or from rewards until the end of the year. I will continue doing that in the following weeks.

I'm still opening packs as I earn more alchemy and legendary potions.

Legendary SummonersMaxed
Rare SummonersMaxed
CommonMonstersMaxedReached Max Desired Level
29222+? (5 under consideration)
Rare MonstersMaxedReached Max Desired Level
Epic MonstersMaxedReached Max Desired Level
17151+? (1 under consideration)
Legendary MonstersMaxedReached Max Desired Level
23193+? (1 under consideration)
CL Reward CardsMaxedReached Max Desired Level

Social Targets

The initial (10k) goal for comments made was Completed.

Increased target: 10k->12k comments by the year-end.*

The increased goal for comments made is considered MISSED.

The 10K target for replies is COMPLETED and I won't increase it.

The comment made goal will resume next year with a refreshed target.

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