RE: Proposing Front-Ends Feature: "Convert Hive-Engine Small Balances to [Insert Front-End Token]"

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Because probably Binance doesn't broadcast any transaction to do that, not even on their BEP2 chain. While all transactions we do on Hive-Engine are individually allowed/disallowed by the account owner via Hive Keychain.

Even if something like this is built on Hive-Engine, without an API built in specifically for that at the Hive-Engine level, there would be many sequential steps (directly proportional with the number of account balances you have to convert), and each time the permission from the user to execute the operation is required.

P.S.: If someone rented out multiple Splinterlands cards at the same time a while ago via PeakMonsters, one should know how this process was: you got a Hive Keychain confirmation page for each card you rented out, even if multiple were selected.

It would be the same for each small balance conversion.

Still much better than selling them one by one manually, but not as smooth as on Binance, where you click Convert and that's it.

But what do you prefer? Smooth but not your tokens? Or owning your tokens and confirming every transaction?

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