Running a Video Encoder for SPK Network

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Normally, Sundays are dedicated to my "Week through Adrian's Lenses" series.

But this Sunday I'll have to disappoint you if you were waiting for such a post. Sorry about that!

I had a completely different weekend, with guests and, after that, trying to set up a video encoder for the SPK Network, as they were asking the community this week.

So, after checking the requirements for the video encoder when I read the post earlier this week and seeing I make the cut with my new laptop, I made an objective from trying to set up such a video encoder as soon as I can, to see at least if it works out for me or not.

And today seemed like a good day to try that and I started earlier.

The process of installing what you need is straightforward for someone with some technical abilities, but I still made a mistake.

In my arrogance, I thought I can do better than the given instructions, and installed the latest version of NodeJS instead of what was required: version 16.

And because of that, I wasted time debugging and fixing what needed no fixing. Until I realized I was the one who did a stupid mistake and didn't follow instructions.

As soon as I installed NodeJS v16 everything was as expected.


The only problem is that "NO JOBS" thing from the logs. :)

The encoder is in a testing phase, so only a subset of videos will be encoded using it. Videos uploaded from mobile in particular, from what I read in discord.

I don't know how long it can take until a new arrival can receive an encoding job, but it must be a relatively long time since there is a ranking system and those who have scored well at previous encodings will be preferred for future encodings as well, from what I understood.

But hey, my encoder is there if it's needed, at least as long as my laptop is turned on.

Let's see if I get a video to encode next week. Also, there is a ranking for these video encoders. Not sure when is my video encoder supposed to show up there. I've seen other encoders that don't have any jobs yet there.

Also, some received jobs but didn't fulfill them and needed to be reassigned, if I read this information correctly:


All-in-all, I hope I'll be able to help. If not now then maybe later after SPK Network explodes and requirements for video encoders will be much higher.

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