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This is the weekly update on the progress of SplinterGlossary.

What Is SplinterGlossary?

SplinterGlossary is that section of LeoGlossary that defines a glossary of inter-linked terms and definitions for Splinterlands. LeoGlossary is focused on financial, general crypto, but also including Hive and Leofinance terms and definitions, banking terms, insurance terms, and a series of specific lists.

Numbers of the Week

This week I haven't added any new terms to the glossary, so we are still remaining at 319 terms and 11 lists.

Some Details

This is going to be a boring update. Most of what I did this week was to add links or update the older definitions. Started with the letter G and ended this week with the letter L, so there is some progress there.

One of the old definitions I updated had almost no links, which is something I haven't come across in a long time. It was one of the first definitions added from what I remember, so it's understandable: Health

Besides that, I only added two new definitions for terms I included the week before: Challenge Opponent

Practice mode is not a very useful functionality, as there aren't enough users trying it, so it's hard to find an opponent. Some simple bots could fill in this void if there is some demand for this feature.

Plans for Next Week

The focus remains on adding links to older definitions (and updating them where needed).

Final Words

Remember that the success or not of this project depends a lot on the contribution of others. When you use terms defined in SplinterGlossary in your Splinterlands/gaming posts, it would be great if you'd link them to those definition posts.

Also, if you notice something wrong with any defined terms, please let me know in these weekly updates.

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