RE: El dinero es fuente de bendición o de perdición.

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Thank you, if you see, you can talk about anything as long as it is money and finances, you can even take the bible and write about it, as long as the money component is not missing as for example I have spoken to the friend @lupega that the parable No one would remember Jesus Christ, the Good Samaritan, if it weren't for the man wanting to help but he also had money, without money he would not have been able to take the wounded man to the hotel, so there is the importance that we can enter the panel talk about any topic as long as it is directly related to money.
Thank you for ensuring that our community remains free from abusers.
It hurts that I could not support here since people do not allow themselves to be helped, but well that's another story, before I saw drunkards or drug addicts as a plague,
Until my dear and beloved aunt died in the process, and I saw how his drunken friends cried for him with total sincerity, at his grave they were crying to the uncle with total pain more than their own relatives even, from there I changed my perspective of these people and before when they asked for money I was angry and filled with rage today that has changed a lot today I am more open and I see them with different eyes.

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