RE: Hive Is Changing Lives

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wall street is here
and we are here to before they
yes wall street is good because give us an expositión to other kind of capital.
Yes hive is give the oportuniti to winnn an awesome amoung of money, but the most great rich are the knowledge that let us get.
guau i am happy for ceci he is get a great advance here,
i hope they continuing their growing veri fast, usually i have a lot of venezuelan friend that come here and only win a little and spend the money and forget the richiest that they could be.
this is a great news to see.
the goals are the key of success, if you do not have one you do not where you want to go.
it is important have the goals very defined.
yes hive is gives us a great form to win and save money for the future, we hope in the future lets us the longed financial freedom

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