RE: Hive: Providing Much Of What People Need

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yes it is dificult to be in all kind of proyect inside of hive, imagine if you want to monitoring the other blockchain platform, it is imposible right.
we really are a new proyect, that are trying to develop a lot of thing in a velocity of light, it is incredible.
yes my sr, hive hive us the oportunity to enter to defi ecosystem becasue for the hight cost was in the pass dificult to us, but here we a re harvesting a lot of money right now this give a new power and when leobridge come and the kingdong guau it will give us a great visibility in the ecosystem of blockchain
right now i do not know why in the news hive do not appears always other blockchain are in the news but we not, maybe people do not believe a little inthe fork but in the future we demostrare, that we are a powerfull blockchain.
yes it is more important than lambos and money inside, the hive is changing life a lot, specially in venezuelan comunity, there are a lot of people whi lives with this, and the covid 19 let us the oportunity to know that the healthy and food are the two things that we need and the most important in the word, no more, the rest is vanity right.

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