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Well I hope to be there to ride these great heights to come, since I hope not to burn and if we have to burn, at least I will be able to tell the friends that I saw how others became enriequeque and I was poor for having been on the wrong side, but I think that is not It will be like this because I am sure and I have full confidence that I have chosen the right path.
Tomorrow people will say why you did not invite but those I have invited have made some posts and are giving up and I can not do much since one can not be there puja que puya truth people have concentrated on the performance of others they only see that others earn a lot and they nothing and if they are newcomers, but well that's another story, one must always see that one is winning and a lot even if it is pennies, not see what the others, as papa always said, when you see Someone winning be happy for him, surely tomorrow you will be winning too, just make an effort, the reward will come but hey, that's another story of people who only see what others are and do not see themselves.
we are still here learning and trying to innovate and involve others.

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