Homo nalidi

Homo naledi is a genus of extinct human beings, discovered from a burial chamber in a deep cave. This is the region of South Africa…

The Great Roman Empire

The Great Roman Empire, which began as an idolatrous Pagan Empire, soon conquered Europe, North Africa, and Syria and Palestine. The…

Game of Dimensions

source Our total universe is 4-dimensional, of which 3 dimensions are physical, ie space, while the fourth dimension is virtual, ie…

Mystery of universe

ABC of Physics [Source](

Our Body

Source #When_are_your_body_are_frightened? ![woman-internal-organs-

Do some plants produce oxygen even at night?

Source The answer to the question is a bit complicated, everyone knows about ph

The ancient Greek mathematician

The ancient Greek mathematician [Source](

Japan-made luner space-craft

SELENE beautiful picture of the earth taken from the moon Source About 800 million people in the world.

INCOME token reorganization - final chance to swap to hive-engine!

Hello INCOME holders! Many of you will know that my updates for the INCOME Synergy Fund have been few and far between. But that does…

How expensive do you think a tree can be?

Source One lakh rupees? One million rupees? There is a tree in a temple in Bangkok that has cost 23 million. Undoubtedly, it is the

Are you ready for space travel

Source On July 11, 2021, the first space tourism trip took place in which no space rocket was used.

The reign of 10 important Tsarist kings, Tsarus, lasted 400 years


Hive account Crash...!!!

My Hive Account Reputation is Down But why? My account reputation was 49 but now it is 23 but why..? I'm so sad today..!…

Superhuman....!!! || by @gameofcrypto36

Source If you have any questions from Google. He tells you before answering

The Hundred Great Personalities..!!

Source Michael Hart spent 28 years writing his book, The Hundred Great Pers

Louis Lee Prince...!!!

Source There are many types of movies, for example feature films, classic films, musical films, commercial films, documen

Anaconda_snake (Anaconda) || by @gameofcrypto36

Source **Can an anaconda snake swallow a human? There is no poison in this snake.

What's RH System..?? "Very Important" || by @gameofcrypto36

Source Well, at least we didn't go down without explaining ourselves first. The difference in blood group here does not mea

Ripple to dismiss SEC official who has ruled that ETH is not security || by @gameofcrypto36


Hive Backed Dollar (HBD) Becoming A Stablecoin?

A great deal of attention was paid to the Hive Backed Dollar (HBD) over the last few months. After being overlooked for so long, it…