Delay Splinterlands Season End Updates until Chaos Legion packs are available to the players

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In a post from the Splinterlands team announcing the changes to the end of season rewards, they said that the season rewards for this current season will be based on each player's league at the time that the season ends instead of the highest league achieved during the season.

Implementing this change greatly benefits old players who were able to buy card packs while they were still available on the in-game store. This is a *huge disadvantage to majority of the current Splinterlands community who will be forced to rent cards on the marketplace at hugely inflated prices before the season ends.

There is nothing wrong with the planned changes to the season end rewards as it would help maintain card values in the long term but if Splinterlands wants to introduce this change, it would be more welcomed by the greater community once the new CHAOS LEGION* packs are available to be bought at the in-game store.

If you agree with this sentiment, please help spread the word and let the Splinterlands team know your thoughts on this issue.

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