End of Season Rent Cancellation - The Bane of Splinterlands and possible solutions to the problem

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You've rented cards for the whole season grinding it out to get higher and higher in ranks.

You did it! You've gotten out of Bronze.

It's such a sweet feeling that you've achieved something in Splinterlands before the end of the season. And Splinterlands will reward you for it.


End of season rewards is like Christmas coming early for a lot of Splinterlands players. It's time to unwrap the presents!

You open up Splinterlands expecting Champion / Diamond / Silver rewards yet as you open up the account, it shows that your power has gone back down to Bronze.

What happened?

You my friend have been RENT CANCELLED!

Why does this happen?

End of the season is when demand far outweighs the supply and some card owners see this as opportunity to make a quick buck by price gouging. To be able to take advantage of the peasants who can't afford their own cards, they cancel the rental contracts with existing renters (no permission necessary) and that is how it happens.

Possible solutions to the problem

  • Implement multiple day contracts / seasonal contracts where both parties must sign off before it can be dissolved.
  • Allow card owners to set max rental duration during the listing to set expectations for the renter.
  • Add a cancellation rating system where everyone can see which card owners have the tendency to cancel their card rental contracts.

Although these solutions may not fully eradicate this problem, it can help reduce this unscrupulous practice in the Splinterlands community. What other solutions do you have in mind?

Have you experienced having your rented cards cancelled before the end of the season? Let us know in the comments section below.

For those who have no idea what Splinterlands is, watch a battle below:
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