How to join a guild in Splinterlands that does not have mandatory daily / weekly contributions

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Looking for a guild that does not have mandatory daily / weekly contributions?
Tired of being kicked out of guilds just because you missed a payment?


Worry no more!
GOSPLINTERLANDS is a community initiative that helps people onboard to guilds where there are no mandatory daily / weekly / seasonal contributions (only a one time entrance fee).

Just go to the GO SPLINTERLANDS server and look for the guild registration channel.

Another initiative is the FREECARD program (where we give a free Splinterlands card to people signing up on Splinterlands).

Check out GO SPLINTERLANDS on social media:

Still don't have Splinterlands? This is a good time to get in.
Register an account today and start earning.

Want to know what Splinterlands is? Watch a SPLINTERLANDS BATTLE by clicking on the image below: