Have You Got Your Gardening Threads on? Be Rewarded with Leo

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The lion is in the garden!!

Leo Finance's new interface launched on Valentine's Day and if you haven't had a look, you should, even if finance ain't you thing. The Leo team are doing some pretty cool things which will help draw traffic to Hive and that's good for everyone, right?

So it is with THREADS, and that's where YOU come in, Hive Gardeners!

Threads is just like Twitter - short form posts. Don't worry - posting a thread doesn't affect your usual posting or appear on your blogfeed. It's just a way to have quick conversations and let people know what you are thinking.



Our curation account, @gardenhive, has been generously delegated some LEO tokens to curate threads over at www.leofinance.io.

Pop over, sign in with your posting key, and create a thread, adding the #hivegarden tag.

We will find and upvote you!


It's super easy to do.

At the end of the month, we will be rewarding the most active #hivegarden thread with some Leo and Hive, so let's see those garden related threads! Don't forget the #hivegarden tag.

Some Ideas

  • Create a gif of something in your garden
  • Share a promo image promoting Hive Garden
  • Share a photo from your garden
  • Share your favourite gardening post you've read in the community this week
  • Share your own post link to your Hive Garden content
  • Ask a garden related question
  • Engage or comment on other people's gardening threads

Most of all, have fun. It's a great way to energize both platforms and is mutually beneficial for both Hive, Leo and the Hive Garden community. Let's get growing!

Will you get your gardening threads on?

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