Bad Year

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This has certainly been a bad year, usually I left bad luck just for leap years but this is the exception that always happens. Well it really isn't this year, things have been looking bad for at least the last five years, climate, pandemics, economic collapse, diseases, whatever is bad it has happened in the last few years. Heck here in Honduras we had two category four hurricanes in ten days. We had just dried out when we were wet again.

Crypto has had a very variable run, all time highs and sudden slumps and right now slightly picking up, but I am not as confident for the moment as I don't expect anything spectacular to happen, well maybe the ethereum merge works out well.

We do have to know that Crypto is a menace to the establishment, you can't have the plebes with too much freedom, especially freedom that lets them make their own decisions. And crypto could very well be one of the things that could make this happen. Crypto is the future of money, but banks and governments want control over it. I think this is what is holding it back right now, governments and banks want regulations that will keep them in control of things.

Me, I am going to be 61 on the 27th (any gifts ask me for my wallet) but despite my age I am not much of a conservative, I know that the one constant thing is change and I welcome it, in fact it excites me and I envy those that will be able to see even more changes in the future after I am no more. But for now, I believe Crypto is the future, it will rebound and hopefully it will remain decentralized and available to all and will make life on this earth richer. Well these are ramblings and maybe I am wrong but somehow I think the right path will be taken despite all the obstacles we face today, and I am not talking just about Crypto.

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