Free Guy - Real Life In A Digital World

Free Guy is an action comedy movie released in 2021 and available for streaming on HBO Max. It may also be available on other streaming…

MOONSHOT - Choosing Between Earth And Mars

The space and the skies have always served as source of inspiration, wonder and imagination for humanity. There is something magical about…

Terra Luna - A Round Trip Journey To The Moon

It has been an interesting and eventful week in the crypto world. Bitcoin and other crypto assets dropped significantly in price. For some…

Hindenburg Research Shorts Twitter

In the last several weeks a lot of talk in social media and finance world has been been about Elon Musks intentions to acquire Twitter.…

Case for Decentralization and why Hive matters? | Showcase Sunday

Decentralization is the process by which the activities of an organization, particularly those regarding planning and decision making, are…

Why Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger Are Wrong About Bitcoin!

Last week at the Berkshire’s annual investors meeting, Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger were asked about bitcoin. They both repeated their…

The Offer - Making Of The Godfather

As Paramount+ is gaining momentum and trying to establish itself as one of the top competitors in the streaming space, it has released new…

Hindenburg Research: Is Singularity Future Technology A Scam?

Hindenburg Research published another very detailed research today. This time the target of the research is NASDAQ listed company…

HBD Interest Payouts For April 2022

HBD keeps getting more interesting every month. April is gone but it goes into history as a significant milestone in HBD's life. Ever…

Netflix Will Remain As My Favorite Streaming Service

Netflix stock prices have been going down in the last few months and this month has seen the biggest drop. The price of Netflix s

WeCrashed - Building A $47 Billion Dollar Company

WeCrashed is one of the newest Apple TV+ original series. It is based on real life events and tells the story of WeWork , a global…

Streamlit Has Been Acquired By Snowflake

One of my favorite python tools Streamlit has been acquired by Snowflake. Snowflake is publicly traded software company that specializes…

Sun To Create A Stablecoin - USDD | 30% APY Anybody?

Competition in stablecoin space is getting more interesting everyday. Among the newest players in the field are NEAR and TRON. NEAR has…

Ragnarok and Larynx Claim Drops Demonstrate Another Magical Power of Hive

source Both Speak Network and Ragnarok Game announced their intentions to claim dr

Robinhood Is Going Aggressive In Becoming A Crypto Platform

Ever since Robinhood announced its ambitions for going full crypto last fall, it has been busy with building and implementation of these…

Hive - Intersection of Liberal Arts & Technology

To quote one of the greatest minds and visionaries in technology and computers, Steve Jobs - *It is in Apple's DNA that technology alone…

Automating Excel Spreadsheets With OpenPyXL

Automating tasks with python is fun and saves a lot of time. One of the commonly used document types is excel files. Microsoft Excel is a…

Jack Mallers' Presentation Was The Best Of Bitcoin 2022 Conference

Bitcoin 2022 Conference was full of excitement with many interesting presentations, panel discussions, and announcements. Talks and…

20% APR For Hive Dollars | Decentralization In Action

Most of us already know that Hive blockchains has been paying 12% APR for all HBD held in Savings. This is a really good deal for a stable…

Finally Robinhood Crypto Wallets Are Here!

About seven months ago Robinhood announced their intentions to integrate real crypto wallets to their trading platform. At first their…