HBD Interest Payouts for November 2021

Hello December! Bye bye November! We will miss you. November has been a great month for Hive. I thought October was good with Hive…

Nayib Bukele Responds to Bank Of England

Since El Salvador became the first country to adopt bitcoin as a legal tender, banking entities like International Monetary Fund and World…

What Does It Mean To Be A Billion Dollar Network?

Hive is a billion dollar network. Finally! Last few days Hive price kept going up, and brought us a pleasant surprise for Thanksgiving…

How Hive Wallet And Private Keys Can Be Improved

Hive blockchain offers one of the best wallet features and security in the crypto space. Hive wallets let users create human readable…

TradingView Is Offering 40-60% Black Friday Discounts Again!

It that time of the year when many companies start offering discounts. It is the holiday season. Many save the biggest discounts for Black…

What Tim Cook Said About Apple & Crypto

Last week during an interview with New York Times DealBook, Tim Cook shared interesting insights about Apple and cryptocurrencies. I like…

KOINOS: Started As Fun & Turned Out To Be A Great Investment

Have you seen the price of Koin as of late? Current price of Koin is at $1.42. A year ago it was around 3 cents if not less. According to…

Bitcoin: Are you ready for Taproot? Decentralization in action!

Bitcoin is about to make another history. Taproot, a soft-fork to the Bitcoin network is going to become reality in less than 30 minutes…

HBD Interest Payouts For October 2021

Another month has gone by, and November has arrived. October has been a fun month in crypto. Bitcoin made another all time high, weekly…

What Michael Saylor Thinks Can Improve Social Networks


Hive Wallet Social Experiment Results

Image by @doze If you have been following my blog, you are probably aware of the Hive Wallet Social Experiment that was started this…

Hive Wallet Social Experiment - Team @hivegiftcard - SOLVED!

Greetings Hive Community, Four days ago @geekgirl published an announcement post for the Hive Wallet Social Experiment…

Hive Social Experiment: Coordination Post #1 for Team 3 🐝 (Update 2021-10-27)

I got a participant in the [Hive Social Experiment](

Facebook And Snapchat Blame Apple For Missing Revenue Expectations


Hive Wallet Social Experiment Update | 200 HBD + 55 Hive Prize

Image by @doze Many people showed interest for participating in Hive Wallet social experiment. Originally I was going to randomly…

Hive Wallet Social Experiment - 50 HBD Prize

Image by @doze Let's play a game. I created a new account - @hivegiftcard, and sent 50 HBD to this wallet. I will split the private…

MintGreen Will Provide Bitcoin Heat To North Vancouver

source Winter is coming. It is getting cooler he

Road To Hive Orcahood

Some of you may have seen my tweet a couple of days ago that I have finally became a Hive Orca. I thought it is an important milestone and…

Is Robinhood Getting Ready For A Big Crypto Play?

Robinhood's actions like freezing trades for GameStop stock in the beginning of this year have damaged its reputation and many started…

Why Do You Invest In Hive?

A question any responsible investor should always ask and reevaluate is why to invest and/or stay invested in a certain asset. If you have…