Hive Librarian App Features Update - Where is the Money?

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Today I finished up some more features to the Hive Librarian App and deployed them. Some of them mainly have to do with the wallets and sorting a rich list based on the amounts of HP, Hive, HDB, delegations, etc. Hence, the question in the title. Let's see where the Hive money is.

Feel free to go to the App link below and play around, and see if you can find anything interesting.

What does the App do and what are the updates?

Nothing too important. It is written and deployed using Streemlit, Python, and HiveSQL on Heroku. As I am trying to learn and experiment more with capabilities of Python, Streemlit and SQL I am trying to build something useful that can be helpful in finding historical information on Hive.

First thing it does is gets Conversations between two users. Well, not really. Right now it just gets the comments one user left to other user's comments or blogs. Eventually, I plan to turn into a flow of conversations between users. So, for this section we need to input two usernames. What at first seemed like a bug, turned out to be a feature. When username for the second user is left out blank, the results will output all the posts the first user made. It is super fast to go through one users post history when all posts are open.

I have added Hive Rich List and Delegations. Hive Rich List simply sorts all Hive accounts based on selected asset like HP, Hive, HBD, Savings, and Delegations and returns selected amount of top users. Since stakes are important for governance on Hive blockchain and rewards distribution on social content, it might be useful for some to see who holds the top Hive Power. I found it interesting to see where all the liquid money is.

Delegations will show historical data on users receiving delegations and delegating to someone else. Also, it will also show the current active delegations given and received.

I added some sections like Dynamic Global Properties and Posts Search. But haven't started working on their functionality yet. So, they don't work yet. I am planning to work on them next, unless I come up with something more interesting.

If you would like to explore the code, here is the link to github.

Let me know what you think about the App. All feedbacks are welcome and appreciated. If you also have any other features you would like to see in the App, feel free to let me know in the comments. Thank You.

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