TradingView Is Offering 40-60% Black Friday Discounts Again!

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It that time of the year when many companies start offering discounts. It is the holiday season. Many save the biggest discounts for Black Friday, others start sales earlier. It has also become a tradition for TradingView to offer 40-60% discounts for their subscription plans for Black Friday.

TradingView is an awesome charting platform with real-time price data feed, features like drawing on charts, writing indicator scripts, backtesting, sharing trading ideas and much more. Most people use it for its easy to use UI for checking stock and crypto prices. It does have a free plan option, which is good enough for an average user.

Since historical price feed, charts, and indicators require a lot of computing power in the cloud they also offer subscription plans for more advanced users. They have pro, pro+, and premium plans.

With free plans users can only view one chart at a time, one device at a time, and one browser tab at a time. For most this is enough. But if you would like to view multiple charts on a screen, user multiple devices at the same time, and/or open multiple browser tabs with different charts, you many need to upgrade to a paid plan. Another limitation with a free plan is that it only allows three indicators per chart and they show ads while using their platform.

Let's take a look at the paid plans.


TradingView Pro plan will allow users to have 2 charts in one window, 5 indicators per chart, 20 server-side alerts, no ads, volume profile indicator, multiple watchlists, and multi-monitor support in desktop app.

Pro+ will give more power to the users with the ability to have 10 indicators per chart, 4 charts in one layout, 100 server-side alerts, 10 saved chart layouts, intraday exotic charts, charts based on custom formulas, chart data export, and indicators on indicators.

Premium plan will allow 25 indicators per chart, 8 charts in one layout, 400 alerts, unlimited saved chart layouts, second-based intervals, alerts that don't expire, four times more data on charts, and publishing invite-only indicators.

If you trade often and like what TradingView offers, you may want to consider this offer. It may take another year to see such offer. For those who don't use charts, indicators, and scripting customized indicators free plan may be more than enough. Free plans do provide real time price feed for charts. It also includes ability to use up to three indicators on the chart. However, users can only have one chart, one tab open at a time. Free plan also have annoying pop-ups on the screens like ads. Still, for an average stock market or crypto enthusiast who uses charts once in a while or even on daily basis it may be more than enough.

For those who want to use more features, these discounts can be a good deal. Anybody who considers paid plans on TradingView should evaluate their usage of these services for the next year to make that decision. Because to get these discounts the subscription fees should be paid for the full year. For deals feel free to visit their website.

Do you use TradinView? What other charting platform do you use? What other deals are you looking for or already found for this week. Let me know in the comments.

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