dCITY - Updates, Hive transition, BeeSwap on hive-engine

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Social Support Costs

Unemployment is bad for any city. In your DCity, the higher your unemployed ratio, the higher your costs which will have an impact on the profitability of your city.

Here's how to calculate the impact of unemployment on your DCity:

social support costs = unemployed * 0.2
income = income - social support costs

Now, your income is decreased by social support costs.

SIM token inflation is reduced by around 8%. I think inflation is still too high, but this is at least the first step to reduce it to a sustainable level.

This change also increases the income difference between players with optimized cities and those who are just stacking homes and citizens to reach a higher place in the rankings.

Less incoming citizens

We're still fighting over population, from now on there is an additional limit on incoming citizens - max of 3 daily per city (1 max per 8 hours).

Transition to HIVE

At Thursday around 10-11 AM UTC, the SIM market and game will shut down, and the transition will begin. It may take a few hours before all of the cards will be printed on hive-engine.

Players from that day forward should use HiveSigner and Hive Keychain to play. They should use HIVE to buy cards and SWAP.HIVE and other Hive-Engine tokens to trade on the In-Game Market.

BEESwap update

Beeswap is now also compatible with Hive Engine. You can do deposits & withdrawals as well as internal transfers of STEEM and HIVE tokens between Engines.

Fees have been reduced to 0.25%

Beeswap Guide:

Beeswap supports the conversions of 6 tokens:

  • HIVE
  • STEEMP (Steem-Engine)
  • HIVEP (Steem-Engine)
  • SWAP.STEEM (Hive-Engine)
  • SWAP.HIVE (Hive-Engine)

For Deposits:

To Steem-Engine:

Send STEEM/HIVE to @hiveswap and you'll receive STEEMP or HIVEP.

To Hive-Engine:

Send STEEM/HIVE to @hiveswap AND ALSO INCLUDE a MEMO: hive-engine and you'll receive SWAP.STEEM or SWAP.HIVE.

For Withdrawals:

From Steem-Engine:

Send STEEMP or HIVEP to @hiveswap to receive STEEM/HIVE in your wallet.

From Hive-Engine:

Send SWAP.STEEM or SWAP.HIVE to @hiveswap to receive STEEM/HIVE in your wallet.

Internal transfers:

Now you can transfer your STEEM/HIVE tokens between engines:

Transfer STEEMP, HIVEP, SWAP.STEEM or SWAP.HIVE to @hiveswap WITH a MEMO indicating which Engine you would like to receive tokens on.

Example 1, if you send STEEMP to @hiveswap with "hive-engine" in the memo field, then you will receieve SWAP.STEEM on Hive-Engine.

Example 2 If you send SWAP.HIVE to @hiveswap with "steem-engine" in the memo field, then you will receive HIVEP on Steem-Engine.

Beeswap Web Interface

You can find the Beeswap web interface at https://beeswap.dcity.io/.

Note: The web interface has some of the above options, but doesn't have all of the options yet and will be updated soon.

Learn More:

If you are new to the game please check my previous posts and visit: https://dcity.io

Discord is also one of the best ways to learn more about the game and get real-time support:


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