Steem-Engine tokens charts on discord

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Last 2 months I spent most of my time on learning python. 99% of my code is steem, SE or discord related.
Thank you @cadawg for the time you spent teaching me...

Yesterday I made a very simple code to generate charts for steem-engine tokens and I implemented it into gerbot, my discord bot :)

How to use it:
^chart token = generate all-time chart
^chart7 or chart30 = generate 7 or 30 days chart

some tokens have broken display due to very high price from time to time, so you can limit Y(price)
^chartlim token Ylimit(price limit)

for example:
^chartlim leo 0.3


There is also an option to compare charts for a few tokens:
add a token to compare by:
^compare token
add tokens to compare 1 by 1


of course, you can add more tokens to compare :)
^clearcompare to clear data for comparing

Works for all Steem-Engine tokens.
Feel free to play with it on SteemLeo discord: