LOLZ Weekly Joke Challenge - Help Build A Hive Based Joke Database and Earn $LOLZ

Week 5 Of the LOLZ Joke Challenge Is Here Hey folks, now that the new year is behind us, it is time to get back to building. So today…

The Secrets For Getting Really Lucky On Hive

I recently had an interesting experience on social media... Every where I go, I'm always talking about crypto, and more specifically the…

CLOSED: AIRDROP Alert: LOLZ Airdrop Day 3 - Last Day of Airdrop

The LOLZ Airdop is complete. Thank you to everyone for helping get the word out about $LOLZ! Keep following for more chances to earn…

CLOSED: AIRDROP Alert: LOLZ Airdrop Day 2

This Airdrop Has Been Completed. The Day 3 Airdrop is still open for a few more hours. So hurry to get some free crypto…

The End of the Beginning ... and the beginning of the end for Facebook & Google

Finally, 14 months after filing the Crypto Class Action against Facebook & Google, the first interlocutory hearing to establish prima…

Hive AutoClaim Services update - Claim your HBD interest automatically

The Hive Autoclaim Services have been updated with a new feature to help you automatically claim your interest on HBD savings. What are…

Engagement project coming to an end . Please withdraw your delegations.

A very good morning to everyone . I hope you all are doing great . Source It has been

The hard hit suffered by Mad-Runner: $50k stolen by @hivewallet94 - Keep your passwords safe! / Il duro colpo subito da Mad-Runner: 50k $ rubati da @hivewallet94 - Tieni al sicuro le tue password! (ENG/ITA))

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How to Buy, Stake and Earn SPT tokens with and Hive-Engine

If you're relatively new to Splinterlands and Hive more generally you may have noticed that you can earn SPS (Splintershards tokens)…

The mysteries of the vote weight multiplier

▶️ Watch on 3Speak The vote weight multiplier is a feature of tribe tokens. It is a very useful but somewhat h

Let's Talk About Tags

Lately I've been curating posts in different tribes and it has become obvious that a good part of the users has no idea what tags are for…

Lending Protocols - Loans Aren't Necessarly A Bad Thing

Disclaimer: Your funds are your responsibility. All information in this article is reflecting my own investing strategy and should not be…

Know Your Crypto Lingo - APR vs APY

There are two terms in the DeFi space that tend to confuse the sh t out of everyone and those terms are APR and APY. * Everyone uses…

A Few Useful Tools To Help You Monitor Your Evolution And Keep You Safe

This morning, while reading some posts and comments I've realized we, the old users can do much more to help the younger generation. The…

The CryptoManiacs Podcast - With Special Guest Blocktrades

▶️ Watch on 3Speak I've got to hand it to @taskmaster4450 When he told me he had a massive guest for thi

90 Day or Newer Commentary--From the Noobs Themselves--Upvote Your Favorite SPLINTERLANDS GAME NEWBIES

Here your chance as a newbie to The Splinterlands to drop a comment on this post and share your experience, background, or whatever you…

Saturday Savers Club with @susie-saver | Week 31 - Saturday 31 July 2021 | HivePUD Sponsorship - see inside | Win EDS Tokens for Comments! Everyone Welcome

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Saturday Savers Club with Susie-Saver! What's happening? Hive Power Up Day (HivePUD) takes place on Sun

Does Proofofbrain have a Google Problem?

I got a comment on my post about the infighting that is going on at that made me think back to a post I had written…

It's going to be nice to be able to buy HBD on the next Hive run up.

Before the most recent hardfork (25), it was legitimately impossible to buy HBD for a fair price after Hive spiked. Every time Hive/Steem…

My summary of Cubfinance rebuild also called Cubfinance Kingdoms

Cubfinance Rebuild with rising token price , low inflation and highly sustainable cross-platform staking yields A recent article…