Does Proofofbrain have a Google Problem?

I got a comment on my post about the infighting that is going on at that made me think back to a post I had written…

It's going to be nice to be able to buy HBD on the next Hive run up.

Before the most recent hardfork (25), it was legitimately impossible to buy HBD for a fair price after Hive spiked. Every time Hive/Steem…

My summary of Cubfinance rebuild also called Cubfinance Kingdoms

Cubfinance Rebuild with rising token price , low inflation and highly sustainable cross-platform staking yields A recent article…

A "Hive Blockchain" Coffee Bean?

White Rose Coffee Roasters, a small UK operation, has a namesake bean for the Hive blockchain! Literally called "Hive Blockchain Arabica…

I Still Have To Make Money And Cryptocurrencies

I aimed to collect crypto while doing my best for future financial freedom on LeoFinance and HIVE Blockchain. That's why I go online…

HLS tool update - know your pending comment author rewards ( along with post author rewards )

Good evening to everyone , I hope you all are doing good . I just updated my HLS tool today to update an existing feature . Post…

Bringing Tools for Freedom to El Salvador

Today a group of a couple dozen plus passionate entrepreneurs, founders, technologists, innovators and more are spending the whole day in…

We Will We Will Rock You! 8.4 Billion E-mails, Phone Numbers, & Passwords Leaked!

"The mother of all leaks" took place this past week, here's the damage, how to check if you're included and change your password!


▶️ Watch on 3Speak A lot has occurred in the past few days in my country Nigeria and I just want to sh

Talking about the “3rd world”....

This post is inspired by something written by @drrune Venezuelans, Cryptos and Hive - An Explainer . In it he tries to explain and…

Financial Crisis 📉 Hanging On By A Thread In Suriname

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Suriname's financial crisis has only worsened since things took a turn for the worse sho

CubDeFi Marketing & Training Update/Completion

Just 5 days ago I said I was going to put together some marketing and training for DeFi and target it around CubFinance . You can view…

ARCHON Features: Beneficiary Participation Voting Trail!

Greetings and Salutations from ARCHON Tribe! ARCHON is a tribe of open development, ideas and automation. We are building layerware…

11 PantherSwap Tests and FEE RESULTS

This is just a series of detailed tests checking out how pantherswap works and does their fees which is very much a part of their whole…

How to cancel or unblock transactions on BSC (or Ethereum)

Unsplash Sigh, I knew this day wo

CUB DeFi - Training and Marketing

It's been a long time coming. It's a project I've been wanting to get started on for a while now but not only did I need to get my feet…

POB drives the growth of my entrepreneurship . With my income in POB I have bought several molds.!

Hi Hi.! My brain is more cook and sweet than anything else, I sincerely love sweets, desserts, breads, cookies and stop counting... I…

Financial Situation Under Military Dictatorship

The military arrested the leaders of the People's Government, seized power, and assigned his supporters to run the government…

State Of Myanmar Banks And LEO Staking

Many people in Burma are facing economic and financial difficulties due to the military coup. Due to the internet outage, online…

Voting for "Help a CUB ! is open - Please vote and share this post!!

Hello LeoFinance, for the next week we decide on who wins "Help a CUB" Help a CUB Over the past 4-5 weeks, we have been collecting…