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Not sure what's happening with the table layout but it's out of alignment again this week. Maybe it's just me cuz I just checked last week's which was fine when I read it, but is now out of alignment.

Not sure why. I'm reading in the same browser and haven't changed anything that I'm aware of . . . hang on a mo . . . I just had a thought . . .

Ah ha!

Mystery solved.

Brave - LeoFinance = illegible
Chrome - HiveBlog = nicely in alignment
Brave - HiveBlog = nicely in alignment
Chrome - LeoFinance = illegible

Therefore it's the LeoFinance frontend causing the problem.

If only sorting out my crypto records were as logical. 😂

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Brave - Leo looks good to me, you need a bigger screen / higher resolution!

It's why I've done the image and not the table for so long with the EL post :)

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Oh bloody hell. And there was feeling smart cuz I'd worked it out. Apologies to LeoFinance. 😂

I don't get how that works though since it's fine on

No need to reply. It's not important.

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