RE: The Minotaur Warrior GF post from myself made me decide I should go for the 100 Chaos packs. A calculation!

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At the moment when you go to the buying section you can see easily how many SPS you would need for buying them

Yeah. I just found that out today. 😁

I also learned that I don't need to buy in blocks of 100 and, in fact, it;s more efficient to buy as many as I can at once.

Now I need to work out the most efficient way to buy SPS with GBP.

Nice going miss pearce!

Why thank you Miss Karin! 😂


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nope thats true, you can buy per pack even but not so much discounts on that and free cards just feel good right ;)

hmmm SPS from GBP..Not getting enough from staking then? good question honestly?


hmmm SPS from GBP..Not getting enough from staking then?

It's not so much that I'm not getting enough from staking. I'm not going to buy vouchers but I would like to move some more Fiat into the game and buying SPS to match the vouchers I get air dropped seemed like a good plan. I will continue stake everything I get airdropped. The maths of doing anything else is too complicated for me. 😁

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