RE: Drama Gem Discovered

If somebody familiar in crunching databases could find out, how many Hive I have spent into POB

  • I just crunched the numbers for your buying bot @gimme-your-coinz.
  • This bot started buying the #pob from 27th May.
  • Till 22nd July there were more than 3600 purchase orders.
  • The bot purchase...

RE: He openly declared war on the bot

Well, I already canceled the most damaging to pop, which is the user @take-my-coinz and @gimme-your-coinz who already puts normal orders, I think he got bored a little hehehehe, now the problem is @freebornsociety and @bluesniper That for now they don't bother much, but I watch them closely, the pro...

RE: He openly declared war on the bot

What a good tool, well we already know that @gimme-your-coinz and @take-my-coinz is the same person and is the only one that has the bot from what I see.

Well, knowing this, I am going to do it so that I do not win anything, if someone else joins me, leave their username for me to know and so a str...

RE: DCcoin is created ! The total is 1 million !

Here is the explorer by the way :

Thanks a lot for @gimme-your-coinz for placing the first order.

Thanks to @bozz who baught 100 DCC.

Thanks to you @allcapsonezero who baught 10 DCC.

Isn't that awesome ? I'm really happy to see that. Less tha...

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