liketuのススメ - My HIVE Weekly Report #4 (2022.11.12-2022.11.18)

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Hello, here's my HIVE report for this week. I don't have much in the way of financial resources, but I am steadily saving HIVE and posting about the process. I hope this helps.

image_6483441 8.JPG

This week's blog rewards

This week's blog reward was 3.825HBD+12.597HP HIVE POWER.

image_6483441 7.JPG

I was able to increase my rewards compared to the previous week. This is because I decided to use liketu for my photo-main posts. When you post from liketu, the @liketu account seems to curate them. Upvotes are not guaranteed, but I got votes with high probability. You should give it a try...!


The layout of posts on liketu is limited, photo followed by text.. However, there are interesting features such as tagging photos and adding captions. Above all, the large upvote is a great motivator for posting.

I will be using different platforms, for example,

・Photos → liketu
・Exercise and health records → Actifit
・HIVE savings records → Engrave and Leo finance
・Other times when I want to write mainly text →ecency.

All posts will be posted to and PEAKD, so there doesn't seem to be any difference from the viewer's point of view.

From Splinterlands

I played again this week until I ran out of CR to reach the Diamond League, but the season ended in the middle of Gold I. But I got a lot of reward chests and was able to turn 73.33 SPS into staking.

And I got the Legendary card !

image_6487327 17.JPG

As usual, I sold 25.340 SPS and 2.055 voucher from staking rewards and got 4 HIVE.

I am a little concerned that SPS prices are dropping. But I don't intend to sell my in-game assets except to turn my staking rewards into a little HIVE each week. During the Steem Monsters days, there was a time when it was difficult to get a match even after pressing the "battle" button, probably because there were not many users. One day, after a long wait, I was matched with my husband in the same room! It is a very funny memory. Compared to those days, Splinterlands today is on an incredible scale.

Also, since the last Brawl, SPS is now paid as a reward. This SPS seems to go directly to staking when claimed as well as battle and chest rewards. It is nice to see more routes to get SPS.

About $GLX staking

As of last week, I was thinking of re-staking all the $GLX I received from airdrops and staking rewards. But I've changed my mind a bit and I'm going to continue staking but gradually convert it to HIVE.


Like many new tokens, $SPS started out high in price, then went down, and hasn't come back... Maybe $GLX will be similar. Of course I don't know what will happen, because what I want most right now is HIVE POWER, and fortunately GLX can be sold and replaced with HIVE.

Therefore, I intend to change $GLX to HIVE in the future under some certain rules.




前週までと比べて増やすことができたのは、写真メインの投稿をする際にliketuを使うことにしたからです。liketuから投稿すると、@liketu アカウントがキュレーションしてくれるようです。upvoteは保証されているわけではありませんが、私も高確率でvoteを貰えているので、試してみてはいかがでしょうか…!


写真メインで投稿したい時→liketu、運動や健康の記録→actifit、HIVE貯金の記録→engraveやleo finance、その他文章を書きたい時→ecency、といった感じで使い分けていこうかなと思っています(全ての記事はHIVE.blogやPEAKDに投稿されるので、見る側からすれば特に違いはなさそうですが)。



いつも通り、ステーキング報酬の25.340SPSと2.055voucherをHIVEに変えました。SPSの価格がだいぶ下がっていることもあり、4HIVEにしかなりませんでしたが…。でも、私はステーキング報酬を毎週少しずつHIVEに変える以外、ゲーム内資産を売るつもりはありません。Steem Monsters時代、ユーザーが少なかったからか「battle」ボタンを押してもなかなかマッチングせず、長々と待たされた末に同じ部屋にいた夫とマッチングしたのは面白い思い出です。あの頃と比べたら、今のSplinterlandsは信じられない規模だと思います。




多くの新トークンがそうだと思いますが、$SPSも初めは価格が高く、その後ダラダラと下がり、なかなか戻りません… $GLXも似たような動きになるのかも。勿論どうなるかは分かりませんが、私はいま一番欲しいのはHIVE POWERだし、幸いGLXは売却してHIVEにすることができるので。


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Looking good!

I was using Liketu, but they never upvote me. So since I don't like all the photos on top of the text, I stopped using it. But maybe I'll try again.

I am selling my GLX airdrop right now. But if the price keeps being high, staking it might be the better idea. Decisions, decisions...



You must be killin' it out here!
@dbooster just slapped you with 5.000 PIMP, @go-kyo.
You earned 5.000 PIMP for the strong hand.
They're getting a workout and slapped 2/2 possible people today.


Read about some PIMP Shit or Look for the PIMP District


Yes, I don't know what the $GLX price will be, so I don't know if I am making the right decision. I sold yesterday but staked today.

May liketu uovote for you🙏 Not every time for me either..


Yay! 🤗
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