HODL HIVE contest on Twitter

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I noticed the HODL HIVE contest on Twitter today - and I duly decided to participate.


The rules are simple, as seen on the hive.io Twitter account:


HODL $HIVE $HBD contest: 🎨🐝

  1. Create an image/art with the words "HODL" + Hive logo
  2. Tweet it and tag

Random draw for 3 prizes of 20 $HBD will be held next week.

So for all of you lovely Ecencians that are also Twitter users, here is a chance to participate in the HODL HIVE contest!

May the luckiest HODL HIVE Ecencian win! 💗

That's very interesting :) Thank you for sharing and good luck to you on the contest!


good luck to you as well! go ahead and participate asap :)


Thank you :) I will have to think what to make for an entry :)
Cheers !LADY


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So cute dear




Hive Red is a sure-fire winner. If you can't find it, make it: :)

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Thanks for sharing dear, good luck in the contest. You look great by the way :)

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