Witnesses....the hidden corner of this chain

recently I saw the Call to Action to vote on Leofinance as a hive witness. I'm years on hive and st33m and I only know 19 of the first…

Don't invest in yourself.

Invest in yourself they say. It always felt a bit like ''you should eat carrots for health''. You shouldn't eat carrots for health but…

Why do most people hate money?

Did I clickbait you? good. It's true anyway people don't like to invest or they throw 100$ in crypto for the fun, not for the money. Make…

Key signs of every financial boom and the coming (crypto) crash

What are the characteristics of a financial boom in history? The nice thing about history lessons is that it teaches you those things We…

The Rise of Financial Partisans

Partisans are nothing new in history. We got famous names like Che Guevara and Lepa Radić. People often get the stamp ''Partisan'' if…

Low net worth circles

A friend sent me a text from some Reddit guy that also posts on Twitter. I don't follow both even though I don't have anything against…

Does working cost money?

Does working cost money? What I mean is a 9-5 job where you work for a monthly salary and having no time to follow the crypto world. In a…

Tradeplan let's make a simple one

So in my [Last Article](

Why people suck (at trading & investing)

So hope I got your attention with a catchy clickbait title. It stays true people suck in trading for many reasons and especially in the…

Wen is my money?

I need cub, I love airdrops, want to play with my panda cubs. It's Mondaaaay. Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

STEMGeeks Miner Match & Burn Promotion

Starting immediately, all STEM Miners sales (STEMM) will be matched 3:1 for the next 7 days with a burn. There are 1,000 STEMM tokens on…

HBD Collateralized Loans: How to reduce Hive inflation to zero percent without hurting the reward pool.

This is just a friendly reminder that you should probably be powering up 100% of your Hive rewards rather than receiving a liquid payment…

Steem/Hive is now 1.45! Time to dump steem.

So because of the weird markęts at the moment the strongly developing hive is cheaper than steem. For the people that didn't dump their…

LBI Miner Scam Token, avoid. Update: Token delisted.

A new token came on the market called LBIM which represents LBI Miners. As far as I can tell, these are fraudulent and you should avoid…

How to Earn a 16% ROI on HIVE POWER and Support LeoFinance's New LeoInfra Onboarding System

Many have said that Hive was one of the first real DeFi projects. We've had so many ways to earn yield on HIVE POWER for longer than DeFi…

Stick a fork in HBDPotato, return the 205,921.151 Liquid Hive to the DHF

It seems the project has been dead for around a month and is sitting on 205,921.151 liquid Hive. The original promise of @sbdpotato…

STEMGeeks: The Next Tribe With Huge Potential

We all saw what happened to Leofinance. Over the last few months, this community saw nice growth in terms of the numbers as well as the…
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A Breakdown Of The HIVE Historical Supply

The supply of a coin is quite an important thing. Also, its inflation. A very common question about a project is what it is supply? As…

HivePay.io - Updates! We've Got Updates!

After our announcement last week about the launch of HivePay.io , we've been busy working on a ton of new features to the gateway

Hive Is Starting To Get Very Exciting

We all know the price of the token still stinks. If this is the only metric one is using for Hive, they a lot is being missed.…