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recently I saw the Call to Action to vote on Leofinance as a hive witness. I'm years on hive and st33m and I only know 19 of the first 50 witnesses...
So let's dig in

What is a witness?
Hive is quite complex and the whole blockchain world is quite new for everybody. What a Witness does in simple terms is to produce (mine) new bits of information called blocks with the new data produced by the users of the chain. So basically they keep the chain up to date.
We need many witnesses that all produce or check the same chain so no single person or group can edit the chain for their own benefit. The more witnesses the more it's decentralized.

Becoming a witness
You can become a witness by renting a VPS server for 50$ a month orso but the technical details are not in my scope. Being a witness and being one that matters is the main difference.
You need people that follow you and are willing to vote for your account. They put trust in you. For that to happen you need to build authority and promote yourself.
That brings me to who are they currently?

The List of witnesses

Who are the current ?
I personally know only 19 of the 50 by name. I got 30 votes so I voted on people I don't know not the best situation. Also votes are not equal if you got a big account your vote is much heavier. So it's more an Aristocracy than a Democracy.
If that's a good or bad thing is up to you.

So let's dig in the first once I don't know:

  • @gtg the number 2 but reading his posts, his reputation is high, looks like a dev guy. I vote for him because he is high and seems fine...
  • @ausbitbank seems like another developer that I don't know, also high reputation, runs a higher version of hive blockchain. No clue why.
  • @pharesim, number 7 on the list, not voted for him no clue why just as I got no clue why I voted for number 2 and 5.

So who are those guys, what are their thoughts, what do they want, maybe all those accounts are the same people, do they deserve my vote?

Isn't it time witnesses say what they would like to accomplish like a politician. False promises are better than having no clue right?
Hive chain is very open but the needed information for people out of the inner circle is quite limited for my feeling.

So let me know your thoughts. Who do you vote for?

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