This Simple Change Can Earn You 1-2 HIVE Per Day + Ecency Promotion Feature is Incredible!

If you are earning in great amounts, this trick won't do much for you. But if you are a new user with virtually zero followers and want to…

Ecency Updates and Why Should You Use It

Ecency is a blockchain blogging platform which is based on the Hive platform. Also, it is a great community, where you can learn more…

"Sun's Folly" will be taught in future blockchain business schools

" Sun's Folly " or " how to make crypto enemies and piss off people " (an entire blockchain community that you just spent good money…
1 yr

The Tron Effect on Steem | Numbers on the Tron Tag, Overall Activity and Power Downs

The TRON thing took a lot of Steemians by surprise. The tweets from @justinsunsteemit were quite confusing and still continue to be.…

Protect & Govern STEEM: Vote for Witnesses NOW!

TL;DR: Vote for Witnesses (or set proxies) so the community has more influence than a single individual! It doesn't matter which…

esteem-surfer Chinese Tradition translation completed

Esteem can choose steem node server by user, which is a very good function for many users. Don't worry about not being able to access the…

esteem mobile Chinese translation have done, and desktop will be done in 24 hours (deadline )

@good-karma @esteem See esteem development momentum is good, Download desktop version to try. However, there is no Chinese version…

eSteem Mobile App: Spin And Win 🤩

Yesterday, I came across this post about @esteemapp and new version review by @toofasteddie. It is a pretty good post and I really liked…

Vote for Steem on CRYPTO MASS ADOPTION App

I reached out to the CMA team, to get Steem added to the app WEAPONS panel last year December and I submitted a few Steem apps alongs

Share Steem Post to Twitter with HashTags Automatically For Good #Steem Impression on Twitter

Succeeding eSteem RSS released for its web app, I made a p

Testing the new Community feature on Steemit.

▶️ Watch on 3Speak This morning I got to play around with the new Community feature. I recorded the session. Impress

The Steem News @ 19 October 2019

Steem2020 contest prize pool increased to 1500 STEEM. Travelfeed announces SteemFest contest winner, @waybeyondpadthai hosts SteemFest…