Utilizing The Bear Market

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Imagine a coin is worth $10, then it falls to $4 over a while. At a time when the price plummeted, we may say it's a bear market then when prices there is a constant rise in the price of the coin, we say there's a bull market.

We may now claim we are in the bear market.
Months ago Hive was valued at $0.9 today it's now worth $0.4


A bearish market may not be a pleasant moment for investors but there are still methods we can exploit and profit extra.
Long-term investors may purchase in the bear market and hold when there's a bull and resell to earn profit. In as much as we are waiting for the bull market, we may still exploit the bear market.

Farming and staking:
Farming works like loan.
Just like the bank, when you obtain a loan, there are interest charges when you are repaying the loan.
Farming entails loaning your crypto to a defi platforms and receiving interest for it.

  • Staking:

This entails locking your token or crypto over a period and a specific percentage is provided for locking.
It's working here on @hive where we stake(lock) our hive engine tokens.

[Futures interface, picture taken from my Binance]

Trading Short in Futures
Another method you may make more crypto in a bear market is trading. In futures Short implies sell. When the price of a coin decrease you earn and when it goes up you lose, because it's a bear market and the price is dropping, it's a means to earn more Cryptocurrencies. It is mostly trading in pairs, that means BCHUSDT[Bitcoincash/Usdt]

For future trading, I utilize my Binance account to trade.
NB: It may be risky if not adequately analyzed.

Learn and earn program
Some programs are organized by crypto platforms.
They develop programs for novices and teach them.
After learning, those who participated may be given a quiz to take if they comprehend the teaching and if they pass, they are given some airdrop, nfts, and some assets.

Play to Earn
We offer several gaming platforms where you may earn while you play.
There in hive we have the @spinderland and others that enable you to play games and earn coins and NFTs as their prizes when you win.

Earning with Faucet Sites
One may earn crypto using Faucet sites by doing various tasks. It might be surveys or mining. When these tasks are accomplished you will be paid in crypto.

Thank you for reading

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Very well, it is true that the bear market can be somehow but adequate and deliberate steps can still result in some earnings. The one I think I am involved in is the staking of tokens. But do you know every Hive user does staking too - Hive Power? But we just do not know. Ahah
Wait, you trade on Binance, I need to come learn at thy feet, mama.🙇‍♀

5 mo (edited)

Yeah true
You made a point
Our Hp is always staking am glad you understand that too

About the futures trading am still learning oo boss


Yes.. That one that you are still learning is priceless to me, I believe.


Thank you ❤️


Yay! 🤗
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A good time to leverage more Hive. I have been accumulating liquid HBD and despite the attractive passive income I keep a reserve of HBD to swap into Hive then to HP. Sometimes I take advantages of price spikes but it doesn't happen a lot. The Hive ecosystem has many other strategies for income.
Thx for sharing @graciousvic


You're in the right track
You're not going to regret at all.
I'm happy you are utilizing the bear market, you will be surprise of the profits you will make when the bull comes