How I Scored 1,555 In FREE LEO With This Strategy!

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The worst part of Buying the dip is paying the ETH fees, but the Arbitrage from WLEO to LEO price totally made it worth it! ๐Ÿ™Œ

The Key To This Play

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WLEO at .16 cents
LEO at .18 cents

Converting USDC to WLEO gas fee on Uniswap cost $90 to purchase 18,500 LEO
But the Arbitrage was $370 so take out the $90 in gas fees and its a $280 gain on paper. That might seem like a small amount of money, but if you look at the amount of LEO acquired, it's an extra 1,555!

Screenshot 20220123 182732.png

In It For The Long-Term

I staked the tokens for the long term so don't expect to see that gain until LEO hits $2, which would make this little savings worth $3,111 when LEO hits my first target ๐Ÿ˜Ž
That .02 cents Arbitrage makes a HUGE difference!

Share Your Best Strategies For Gaining Staked LEO

I am interested to hear who else has found a way to capture some extra LEO using similar or better Arb strategies. I am open to theories as well as proven strategies in the comments!

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